About me

My parents went to their graves never having driven a car, or any sort of wheeled vehicle. I never even saw them ride a bike.

John in Formula Ford

Driver John at Castle Coombe

I was fascinated by all vehicles though, and at 13 I got to back the gov’ner’s Rolls Royce out of the garage to help the chauffeur clean it. From there I drove all of the estate’s cars plus the two tractors, the Land Rover and the old Morris Quad on the farm.

Since then I’ve driven all sorts of cars, vans and lorries on two continents and about 9 countries. I’ve also driven a main line steam engine, a DUKW, various trucks, all sorts of industrial vehicles, a milk float, a go kart and a couple of Formula Fords and flown several aircraft.

I’m a lucky man to have had so many toys to play with over the years and will be sharing some of those experiences here. You can find some of my motor sport adventures over on MotorsportMania also hosted here on WordPress.

Latest Blogs are listed over to the right of this page and below that you can find an archive of all blogs. Category and Tag clouds are at the bottom of the page.

Down in the bottom right corner of this page you’ll find my latest Tweets and a button to follow @thedriverjohn on Twitter.

Thanks for looking in and please feel free to comment or get in touch.

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