Cars I have driven #19 Nissan Almera Tino

16 Sep

I had been running a Renault Scenic as a pseudo van to use for taking my wares to shows and events as well as lugging things back from auctions. With the back seats removed it made a decent goods carrier, but it was the all wheel drive version and it struggled on the motorway where I could barely keep 70mph up on hills. Something similar with a bit more oomph was needed.

Eventually I found the Tino at Speed Garage in Newbury and did a swap plus cash. The Nissan had a 2.2 diesel with manual gearbox and was much more to my liking. At least I now had a bit of a safety margin to get me out of trouble. The load space was about the same in terms of capacity, but there were a few obstructions that made it a bit less friendly than the Renault.

Still, it did serve me well, but it lacked a little In terms of style and so I started to look around for something better. Business was good and so there were funds available for an upgrade.

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