Cars I have driven #20 Vauxhall Insignia

22 Sep

I bought the Insignia as a workhorse during the height of my time selling transport and motorsport collectibles to replace the Nissan Almera Tino that I had bought to, in turn, replace the Renault Scenic. It was a car that I liked from the moment that I saw it on the forecourt at Hillside Garage in High Wycombe and I would not be unhappy to still own it. I am not that keen on the saloon version; it looks a bit odd at the back to me, but the estate is fine.

Mine was an 1800cc petrol model with manual gearbox and, apart from a dodgy temperature sensor that caused a spurious overheating warning, I had no problems with it in the couple of years that I owned it. It was roomy, quiet, comfortable and handled well enough for me. Sadly these are cars that are prone to vandals stealing the badge off the nose and mine eventually fell prey one day in a supermarket car park.

The Hastings Hottie did not like the car very much and I eventually I gave in and bought something else. One of the few times that I have felt any mild regret in parting with something, but keeping the lady of my life happy scores higher than car ownership.

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