Cars I have driven #17 Aston Martin DB5

11 Sep

Another of my boyhood dream cars to feaature in my Father’s Day treat was the Aston Martin DB5. For me this was the classic tourer, the car that I could imagine myself taking a beautiful woman on a European road trip.

Driving the DB5 at Bicester Heritage

I am not likely to make that trip now, especially as the lady of my life does not enjoy touring holidays and I suspect that we would both find the DB5 somewhat claustrophobic after a day or two, but I have driven one at last and was not disappointed.

You can see the drive in a post on one of our other blogs here. The venue was the test track at Bicester Heritage and the event was run by Car Chase Heroes. The drive was in July 2020 during the time of Covid-19 precautions hence the facemarks being worn.

I found the cockpit a bit on the tight side, especially in terms of elbow room, but once driving all of that was forgotten and the Aston was very nice to drive. In my mind were stories of the gearchange on these cars being tough, but I had no problems at all and was very happy lapping the short track. The engine gives a nice low growl as you put the power on and

All in all a very civilised car to drive and I would have been very happy running around in this one wearing my Tux. As for that European cruise, well yes, but I think that I might have struggled with Alpine passes given the heavy steering; one would not want to have arrived all sweaty from the effort.

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