Cars I have driven #16 Jaguar E Type

31 Jul

I have long wanted to drive an E type. I fell in love with the car when I first saw it on the road and have wanted to at least drive one, if not own one, ever since. Whilst I doubt that I will ever manage the latter, at least I have now driven one thanks to a Father’s Day gift from one of my daughters.

Back in about 1974 I came close to a drive. My friend Rob Green, who was best man at my first wedding, bought one and promised that when we took it out to the pub the following week I could have a drive. A couple of days later a delivery truck backed into it and the damage revealed some very serious rust issues that had been quietly concealed. The car was a write off and Rob bought a Volkswagen Beetle.

Nearly fifty years on we come to a gift voucher for Car Chase Heroes and the short drive, for me, over to the familiar territory of Bicester Heritage, although this would be my first visit to their short track. Amongst the trio of cars that I chose to experience was the E type, this one to be precise.

It is a bit of a beast as you can see, lowered, race wheels and a tuned engine (I forgot to ask if it was a 3.8 or a 4.2). Despite my recent weight loss I did not properly fit into the bucket seat which was too narrow for my pelvis and, at 6’2 it was a tight entry to the car (getting out almost required a block and tackle), but any discomfort was a minor issue; once in I was in.

The Bicester track is a 1 mile rectangle with a left-right-left chicane half way along one long straight. The big Jaguar sounded magnificent and really wanted to go. The slightest pressure of the right foot and she was off. My four laps passed in a blur and I loved every minute of my drive. A boyhood ambition achieved, albeit in a car that is prepared more for the track than the road. I have finally had my E type drive.

See the drive here.

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