Cars I have driven #6 – 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II

21 Jul

This was where it all started for me. You may as well start at the top, and where better than a Rolls-Royce? In my case it was a Silver Cloud II from, I think, 1962. My drive in it was to reverse it out of the garage so that I could help the chauffeur wash and polish it.

There was nothing much for 50 odd feet behind us, a two pedal automatic is pretty straightforward and Jim was sat in the middle of the front with his right foot ready to stamp on the break if I screwed up. But I didn’t. Under Jim’s guidance I started the engine, slipped it into gear, released the brake and rolled her gently out onto the apron where I stopped her. I was 13 years old and I had driven my first car.

I never drove her again, although I did ride in her quite a bit over the next 4 years. Despite me becoming very proficient with all of the vehicles on the estate and the farm Jim’s logic was that the guvner’s personal No1 car (he usually had about three on the go) was not to be risked as the one I would have my first accident with.

Still, I did drive one once, and maybe one day I will drive another,

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