Forty years since I passed my driving test

2 Oct

Next May will see the 40th anniversary of me passing my driving test. The Ministry of Transport one that is; I had passed a couple of less official, but perhaps more rigorous, ones prior to that.

So how to mark the occasion? As I have driven so many things the majority view seems to be that I should drive something special, maybe a Ferrari say.

My thought, and one echoed by my cyber friend Tamara, is to plan a special route, and she has suggested one that takes in all of the UK mainland counties. I had been considering doing all of the Irish ones (both sides of the border), or possibly a run down to see both Spa and the Nurburgring.

At this stage I am still thinking about it, but feel free to chip in with suggestions. May would be a good time to have a go at a bit of Route 66 or the Lincoln Highway perhaps?

2015 will see 50 years since I first drove a powered vehicle, so I could plan for one trip next year and a second choice three years later.

What would you do?

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