Mercedes Atego Reverse Problems

27 Nov

Many thanks to those who have been in touch since we wrote here about our experiences of various seven and a half tonners. It is interesting that others have had similar problems with finding reverse gear on the Atego, so here is how Trucker Toggle and I do it:

Having stopped and applied the parking brake, we use both hands to push the lever over to the left (or pull it on a left hand drive model). Sometimes it takes more than one go, but you can usually feel when you get the lever far enough across.

Once you’ve got that, try and pull it back into reverse. Now and again it will go straight in, but often you need to lift the clutch pedal a little and dab the throttle at which point it usually drops in.

Now I’m pretty hefty at 6’2″ and about 300 pounds, so it isn’t a lack of size or strength that is the problem, it is the vagaries of the linkage in our opinion.

There are days when I can get reverse first go and one handed several times in a row, but usually need that little tap dance on the clutch and throttle to make it work. Other days it is two hands and hope.

So there we are, the DJ & TT method for finding reverse on an Atego. We hope that it helps, but feel free to tell us how you do it if you have a trick of your own.

2 Responses to “Mercedes Atego Reverse Problems”

  1. John Lumbwe March 26, 2018 at 7:32 pm #

    am having a problem in engaging the reverse gear to Benz atego 815 it’s really hard

  2. Andreja November 3, 2018 at 9:34 pm #

    My driving instructor gave me the tip to just to move the lever to reverse fast – so I do it as fast as I can and it works most of the time.

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