The cost of insurance

22 Feb

Did you know that if you emerge on to a road from a side turning or drive and are involved in a collision that your insurance company will assume that you are to blame?

I didn’t until I was hit from behind and didn’t get a response from my insurance company. When I chased them they told me that I was adjudged to be at fault because I had reversed into the road. Apparently the insurance companies have got together and decided a joint policy on a range of incidents so as to avoid the administrative costs of arguing who was at fault.

The logic is fine, but it seems very unfair at times, especially as they have not, as far as I am aware, publicised their stance. In my case the other party had also emerged onto that road at a pount about 50 metres from the point of collision. That he drive into a stationary vehicle in broad daylight and yet can claim from my indurer for having his damage repaired seems ludicrous.

For me it is now in the past; I have put it behind me and have also sold the vehicle that I was driving when I was hit, but no other driver that I have spoken to about the incident was aware that, regardless of the actual circumstances, they too might be deemed to be the guilty party.

Take care out there.

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