What to drive next?

31 Mar

Over the years I have been lucky enough to have driven a lot of things, but there are a few gaps and I am starting to get on a bit. With my current driving licence due to expire in six years perhaps this is a good time to think about what I would like to have a go at driving while I still have the chance.

So what haven’t I driven? I have sat in a Ferrari, but that’s about all I’ve done in one nor have I driven any type of supercar come to think of it, but I am on the large side and might not fit into some. A coach and a double deck ‘bus go on the list as does a modern articulated truck (I did do some yard shunting of artics back in the seventies). In terms of specific cars I would like to drive an orginal E Type; a pal had bought one forty odd years ago and was happy to let me have a go, but it was badly damaged by a bread truck reversing into it and that revealed some serious rust issues that were going to cost more than my pal could afford to put right. I didn’t get my drive, but my mate only did a few miles in his pride and joy before it got towed away.

These are all road vehicles of course, so is there anything off-road that I’d like to try? I have no interest in driving a tank and I did do the Land Rover off-road course at Eastnor Castle, so that is out of my system. A rally car might be worth a go though and while on the subject of slipping and sliding a skid pan day might be fun. I did do an hour on the skid-pan a few years ago as part of a defensive driving day and enjoyed that a lot, so another, pissibly longer, go would be good.

In terms of circuit racing the problem of fit comes into it again; my single seater experiences have involved the seat coming out and me sitting on the floor and I am too tall for some of the classic sports cars that might appeal, but a go on a NASCAR track is something that I have looked at before and so that, I suppose, is already on the list.

Further off road and onto rails a go with a main-line diesel locomotive also appeals more than another go at steam.

So there are a few for me to think about. If I manage any of them you’ll read about it here. What’s on your list?

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