Cars I have driven #1 – 2003 Jaguar S Type

10 Jul
My current car is a Jaguar S type, SE 3.0 V6 petrol model with the ZF automatic gearbox .

This car started out as a demonstrator for Appleyard’s of Bradford and I am the fourth owner having bought it from my local Jaguar dealer.

I’ve put about 50,000 miles on it since taking possession in April 2008 and she passed the 100,000 mile mark early in 2011.

Once in the late 90s I passed a car on the M42 that I didn’t quite recognise. It had that leather cover over the front end and no badges that I could see, so was obviously on test, but it did look rather nice. It turned out to have been a prototype S, and I fancied one from first sight as my next company car, but the MD felt the same and had got himself one and so I wasn’t allowed to have the same.

In about 2000 I had a stopover in Washington, DC, and needed a car overnight. Somewhat extravagant, but what the heck, I was an Englishman abroad, so I rented an S type from Hertz for the run in from Dulles to downtown DC and back out the next morning. Just the job.

Having been thwarted in my ambitions for one as a comany car I had it near the top of my list for when I resigned from Balfour Beatty in 2008, and this sovereign blue one was the right spec and price, so a deal was done and I’ve not looked back, even if she has been an expensive mistress at times.

John's Jaguar

The styling nod back to a Mk2 Jaguar is part of the appeal, but she just has that sexy look and, whilst I rarely extend her, when I do put my foot down she emits a lovely V6 snarl. I hope to keep her for a while yet.

Although I live in Wiltshire most of the recent servicing has been carried out at JagCare in Portsmouth as I have been working down that way a lot . I can heartily recommend them and there is a link to their web site over on the right of the page.

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