The crow road

16 Jul

I am a bit fan of wild life; as an old country boy I understand how our local critters fit into the bigger picture, even the vermin, but this morning I am feeling a little less charitable.

The other day one of my neighbours mentioned the local crows had been pecking at the windscreen wipers of one or two of the cars parked along by us and I witnessed them doing it the next day, shooing them off, at least for as long as I was working in the  front garden.

Yesterday I found that I had about eight small chips in my windscreen, all adjacent to the wipers. They were all fresh as I had cleaned the car on Monday and it had been parked nose into the garage since so there was no possibility that I had collected them whilst driving.

More than three chips means a new windscreen and so that is ¬£100 down the drain to cover the insurance excess. To eat crow is to have to take something back so perhaps I should not have been so comlacent about the crows bothering my neighbours and should have protected my own car. With this month’s budget taking a big hit perhaps we might be eating crow for real too.

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