Cars I have driven #15 Vauxhall Cavalier Mark 1

4 May

I had this car for a short while in, I think, 1978 or 79. It was the newest thing that I had driven for a while and I loved it for that more than anything.

I must confess to having been a bit of a Vauxhall fan from the PB Crestas through the Viscount and working at my local Vauxhall dealer as a teenager to learning to drive in Vivas. I had a couple of HA Viva vans under my belt too so I was pleased when I got my hands on this shiny and low mileage red Cavalier.

It drove nicely and I took it from my home in Essex over to the M1 and up to Birmingham. Whilst there I planned to have my first look at Spaghetti Junction, but on the day inquisition a small monsoon unloaded over that corner of the Second City and I was so focussed on where I was going in the spray that I saw little of the convoluted concrete around me.

My Cavalier was the base model, but it was comfortable as a motorway cruiser and around city traffic. Sadly my experience of the car did not last long and I was soon back to my Mk1 Escort Estate, but, as I have found so often, having a new car, or newish in this case, does make me feel good.

Sadly I cannot find a photo of the car. I know that I did once have some and if any turn up I will add one here.



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